Vaishnavi Seshadri, LGPC - Therapist

I believe that deciding to attend therapy is the first and most courageous decision that would lead to a positive change. Growing up in a South Asian family, a minority culture, has its own challenges especially stigma around therapy. I grew up in a community where therapy was often frowned upon and therefore, I believe that breaking that stigma and deciding to attend therapy is an extremely courageous decision.
By using a person-centered approach, I understand your individual strengths and cultural strengths and utilize them to help you recognize your hidden skills to foster a positive change. I use several treatment modalities such as Cognitive Behavior Therapy with a mindfulness approach that will help you recognize and alter your thought process. I also use Dialectical Behavior Therapy to help you learn skills that can help you regulate intense emotions, distress tolerance and overall interpersonal effectiveness. As my client, you and I can formulate a treatment plan that will be best suited for your personal growth.

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