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Milestones Counseling and Consulting Services is Now Providing Online Therapy

Continuing therapy in these uncertain times is beneficial for everyone. There have been changes to our routines and how we normally live our lives. Such changes can feel restrictive and can lead to heightened feelings of anxiety and depression due to increased stress, uncertainty and isolation. Being able to connect with a therapist for support and resources has never been more important. Teletherapy, or online therapy, is an excellent option for starting or continuing counseling services.


Here is a helpful checklist of what you will need as you prepare for your phone or video session with your therapist. You’ll want to make sure of the following before your appointment:

  • Are you in a private space where you will be undisturbed and free of distractions for the duration of your session?
  • Having a video session? Make sure your laptop or tablet is fully charged and its camera is working properly.
  • Is your Wi-Fi connection working?
  • Close all other background applications on your phone, computer, or tablet to ensure the best connection.
  • Have earbuds or headphones handy and ready to use if you want more privacy.
  •  Turn off any notifications and minimize sounds that could be distracting during your session.


Providing teletherapy during an event like COVID-19 can be a great way to help our clients and continue care during these times of heightened anxiety and stress. Current circumstances aside, did you know that there are numerous benefits to teletherapy?

  • Teletherapy allows you to receive mental health care in the safety and comfort of your own home, in surroundings that make you feel at ease, in your own safe space. When you’re comfortable in your surroundings, you’re likely to have an easier time opening up.
  •  Privacy: no worries about running into someone you know.
  •  No stressful commutes, searching for parking, or struggling to find the correct office. This is especially comforting to those who deal with anxiety.
  • Teletherapy allows access to those who are chronically ill, disabled, or temporarily homebound.
  •  Flexibility: often those who need therapy the most don’t have much time available to do so. Teletherapy gives those with extremely busy schedules the ability to get the support they need in a timeframe that works for them.
  •  You can attend your session even if you’re not feeling well.
  •  No worries about bad weather getting in the way of you safely attending your therapy session.

If you have questions or concerns about teletherapy, feel free to reach out to us at  (443) 574-4295 or send us a message.

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