Is the Transition into Adulthood Causing You to Feel Overwhelmed?

Are You Feeling Confused About What’s Next?

Feeling Pressure to Have It All Figured Out?


There Was a Time When Becoming An Adult Was All You Wanted. You Dreamed About It. The Freedom, the Power, the Possibilities.

Now that you’re an adult, you’re feeling unsure. You’re at a stage in your life where you’ve either just finished high school or college and you’re realizing that there’s a lot more responsibilities than you imagined. People are asking you to make important choices that will impact the course of your life without the lived experience to know if what you’re choosing is really right for you. There’s a lot to keep track of, a lot to take care of, and you’re learning to do so many things for the first time. If you’re living on your own in a dorm at college or in your first apartment, you might be missing the comforts of home right about now. Having meals prepared for you, your laundry and dishes done, somebody else making sure your car’s oil has been changed and your checking account is balanced. If you’re living at home you might feel a sense of urgency about moving out or wondering if you should. Suddenly, the “best years of your life” are feeling anything but. Life might feel scary or uncertain now, but therapy can offer you the skills to face the future with confidence.

The good news is, it’s normal to feel confused and anxious right now. And, contrary to what others may be saying, you don’t have to figure out everything at once. Becoming an adult is not a race. Becoming an adult is a process that takes time and we at Milestones Counseling are here to support you as you navigate this exciting transition in your life. 

This is a unique time in your life. A time for you to begin to develop strengths and skills you’ll be able to use for the rest of your life and it’s ok to ask for help in that process. After all, you’ve never been an adult before, of course you don’t know how to do certain things.

Some of the common issues and questions faced by young adults include:

  • Feeling stuck
  • Unsure if you’re making “the right decisions”.
  • Unresolved issues such as anxiety and depression that may have been present since childhood.
  • Stressed about college or what path to take after high school
  • Wondering what kind of job you will have
  • How will I manage having a place of my own?
  • Worried about student debt or paying your bills
  • Relationship changes


As an adult, the therapeutic process begins with you. We work with you directly, collaborating with you, and helping you identify problems and set goals. We look at how the scripts we feel pressured to follow in life that we see others following may not be right for you and that’s ok. During individual therapy at Milestones Counseling, you can be assured that we will meet you where you’re at vs. where your parents/caregivers may want you to be.

Weekly sessions begin by building a relationship and establishing trust. We make the treatment about you and where you want to go to improve your life, focusing on the life issues that come up as you transition from adolescence to adulthood such as career, relationships, managing day-to-day tasks, independence, and more.

At Milestones Counseling, our focus in individual therapy is on changing the narrative. Our goal is to shift away from the idea that there’s only one path. We are lifelong learners! Your path doesn’t have to be linear, and you are allowed to change course.

We have seen adult therapy help our clients to: 

  • Develop insight and self-awareness to improve decision-making skills
  • Improve communication and relationship skills 
  • Increase confidence
  • Decrease symptoms of anxiety, depression, and overwhelm

At Milestones Counseling, we employ a diverse group of therapists that use a wide range of evidence-based practices, insight-oriented therapies, motivational methods, and proven creative outlets for helping adults create positive change. 

You will end the counseling process equipped with the lifelong skills you need as an emerging young adult to face the future with confidence. 

After all, you’ve made transitions and life changes before (think about when you moved from middle school to high school or started a new job). You’ve learned new things before and you can do this!

Our team has decades upon decades of combined experience, and we have seen our young adult clients make huge strides in therapy, ultimately forging their own authentic path in life. The same can happen for you as you begin the process of setting more reasonable expectations for yourself. 

You can live more authentically and navigate your path in life based on who you are rather than who you think you should be—and it all begins with young adult therapy at Milestones Counseling. 

Perhaps you’re an adult considering therapy, but you have some questions…

I’m worried about confidentiality. Will my parents or spouse know what I talk about in my therapy sessions?

No, any information you share with your therapist is confidential and will be kept private according to the law. If someone helping you to pay for your sessions, a billing statement is provided to them as the party responsible for payment. Rest assured that these statements do not contain any information you have shared with your therapist. They show your session date along with a diagnosis code.

What if my therapist isn’t the right fit? Can I see someone else?

At Milestones, our therapists are experienced working with adults and knowledgeable about the issues they face at this stage in their lives. We will work with you to identify what your issues of concern are and ensure a good match between you and your therapist. If you’re not feeling a connection, let us know. We’ll listen to what you’re looking for and connect you with a therapist in our practice whose style better fits your personality and needs.

If you’re an adult in need of guidance and support, our team at Milestones Counseling specializes in therapy for clients of all ages. For more information about how we can help or to schedule an appointment, please use our contact form or call (443) 574 – 4295.

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