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Teen Therapy - Milestones Counseling | Columbia, MD

Child Therapy

It Is Very Common For Children To Experience Problems From Time To Time That Can Affect How They Feel, Behave, Or Learn. Challenges that they and their families find they cannot deal with on their own. We at Milestones Counseling are here to help your child achieve emotional wellbeing and support your family in the process.

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Teen Therapy

Life As A Teenager Can Be Full Of Expectations And Uncertainties. At Milestones Counseling, we employ a diverse group of therapists that use a wide range of evidence-based practices, insight-oriented therapies, motivational methods, and proven creative outlets for helping teens to regulate emotions and build self-confidence.

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Young Adult Therapy | Milestones Counseling | Columbia, MD

Young Adult Therapy

Becoming A Young Adult Is Hard! It can be difficult to find your voice and balance what you want to do in the face of family expectations, college, and others' opinions. During therapy at Milestones Counseling, we will discuss the difficulties that arise during the transition to adulthood and focus on developing skills for everyday life.

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Family Therapy Columbia MD

Family Therapy

Are Negative Relationship Dynamics Getting The Best Of Your Family? Regardless of age, it’s important that all of us have effective communication skills and the ability to build emotional resilience. Therapy at Milestones Counseling gives you an opportunity to come together, learn to communicate, and find solutions to your family’s most pressing challenges.

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