Rebecca Guy, LGPC, NCC - Therapist

“The greatest reassurance we can give to children is the feeling that they are understood and accepted, right down to the painful sad bit in the middle.”
-C. Winnicott

I believe every child has unique strengths, and with the right tools and support, can overcome insurmountable hurdles. As a parent, you want the best for your children. You want them to do well in school, make friends, and learn to navigate the world. But sometimes children struggle socially, emotionally, and physically. The responsibilities, expectations, and pressures experienced can be overwhelming and even paralyzing. The pain carried from past or present hurts can be debilitating, impacting all areas of life. Parents and children may feel alone, misunderstood, and unable to move forward. Children do not always have the words to express what they are feeling, so they communicate through their behavior. For example, they may rebel, throw tantrums, lash out, or withdraw. You may have looked for solutions, felt frustrated, and may not know where to turn.

The situation is not hopeless. Through the use of play, expressive arts, and strength-based approaches I provide a safe environment for children to work through their pain and begin to find healing and hope for the future. I collaborate with people of all ages to improve family and peer relationships, support healthy behaviors, and facilitate emotional growth. For children and adolescents, I partner with teachers and school staff to ensure that children and their families receive comprehensive support.

As a bilingual Spanish/English therapist I create space for children, adolescents, and adults to express feelings, solve problems, and face fears without judgment.  I accept children and their families for who they are, encouraging and supporting them as they take steps to heal.  Sometimes a very difficult situation can significantly benefit with the help of a new approach and a fresh start.

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Rebecca Guy, LGPC, NCC
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