Lyn Flagg, LCSW-C - Therapist

Are you looking for mental health therapy and support but you struggle to openly discuss life struggles with others? Do you feel the need for a sense of relationship to discuss concerns? Do you feel like you are not experiencing the life you have looked forward to living?

I am passionate about working with diverse populations of individuals and groups who struggle with coping, those who are dealing with life frustrations, anxiety, poor decision-making, and depression. I help clients by building strong, trusting relationships that allow them to develop the confidence to explore life’s pains to move forward in a process to improve their lives.

I have over 20 years’ experience and I believe that the best treatment is individualized, strengths-based, and client-focused. Contact me to see how we can work together in a process of self-discovery and self-improvement on your behalf.

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Lyn Flagg, LCSW-C
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