Things to do at home

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Activities for a Quarantined Day

  • Practice or Learn a new Language (Duolingo is a fun app for this)
  • Teach/learn a new game
  • Make a meal that you normally wouldn’t have the time to make
  • Make a new dish
  • Organize/declutter
  • Pick up an old hobby that you use to enjoy
  • Explore a new leisure time activity
  • Exercise- yoga, pilates etc. On demand, YouTube
  • Arts and Craft Classes and projects: sites like and offer free trials. (There are also tons of youtube videos with project ideas and demos.)
    • A fun and easy craft activity is collage making -- can be done solo or something parents, kids, and siblings can do together: each person takes a turn adding a piece to the collage. Print or cut out interesting pictures, words and images that inspire you and create a group collage piece.
    • Tiny Book Making Tutorial from the Creativity Caravan:
  • Learn to play an instrument/online music lessons (lots of youtube videos for this as well)
  • Science experiments for kids using household objects:

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